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The Value of One

One person willing to do the work to change, one family banding together to create support, one church member willing to listen, one homeless shelter able to provide assistance, one staff member willing to encourage, one employer ready to give an opportunity, one success story inspiring others to succeed.

The value of one is quite remarkable if you take the time to notice, to care and to help another person in need.

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Sometimes it is easy to overlook how each of us is connected to each other and how one person’s daily life can negatively or positively impact a whole community. What is the value of one single mother with two children living in our community?

One day, Jennifer will reach her goal of being a teacher and will then give back to her community.

The value of one success is priceless.

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The Value of One



The Value of One Success...

The Story of Christina

Christina is a pretty young woman, always upbeat and polite. Looking at her you can tell she takes pride in herself, from the way she walks and talks, to how well she dresses herself. With her bright eyes and easy smile, if you passed her on the street you would never think she is homeless.

Christina was born and raised in Florida. She had two children at a young age, worked hard, had a home that she maintained, and supported herself and her sons. The father of the boys left when they were young. Although Christina had a job, there was drug use within the work place, and eventually she got caught up in that life style. She moved in with her grandmother for a period of time in order to get clean so that she could get professional help.

Christina did get clean and spent four months in a program, then began to attend church and made some good friends. Things were better for Christina, but she was having trouble finding work. She spoke with a friend from church and expressed her fears, having no employment to support herself and her sons; and the fear that she would again become involved with the people and the life style that she had worked so hard to escape. Thankfully the friend took the time to listen; took the time to care. She suggested that Christina check out the Charlotte County Homeless Coalition.

Christina had been homeless since December 2009 when she moved into the shelter April 4, 2010 and found employment within 3 to 4 weeks afterwards. When I asked her what her thoughts were in coming to the shelter, she told me that she was not nervous, that the facility is clean and comfortable and that she feels safe. This has not always been the case for Christina. I asked her how the Homeless Coalition had helped her and she replied that a large part of her success was due to the fact that the staff continued to push her forward; they encourage her and would not let her give up. They told her she needed to find employment, telling her to go to places in person, do the leg work.

Christina feels good about her work and the progress she is making for herself and her sons. She enjoys the time she spends in success review meetings with Shelter Staff. Christina went into business after business asking to fill out applications. Then she walked into Phil’s and asked if they were hiring wait staff and she heard a voice behind her say “you are the answer to my prayers;” she had the job. She enjoys working at Phil’s and her employer likes her and her work.

Christina’ children are doing well in the shelter. They attend school, enjoy the playground outside and have made new friends. On September 30th Christina’s family moved to Punta Gorda where she will be close to work and close to the boys’ new school. They are very happy and proud to be moving back into a home of their own. Christina has goals for her future including keeping her sobriety, staying in a structured life style and to watching out for any co-dependency issues in her relationships.

The value of your help is immeasurable!

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